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BI News Top Headlines:     Mar 24, 2014: Integrating Predictive Analytics & Interactive Data Visualization
Feb 1, 2014: Visual Predictive Analytics with NO CODE!

Advizor Solutions overview:

ADVIZOR Solutions® is today's leading provider of easy-to-use business analysis software. From the desktop to the enterprise, business managers and analysts can easily load data, do analysis, and share results within minutes - and all they need is a mouse!

ADVIZOR frees both business managers and IT folks from the headaches of traditional business intelligence software platforms. With ADVIZOR there is no expensive platform to purchase, and if you've already paid the price, ADVIZOR will enhance your existing business intelligence investment at a fraction of the cost.

ADVIZOR combines award winning data visualization tools software with in-memory-data-management and predictive analytics to provide simpler and more intuitive problem solving capabilities than Excel Pivot tables or advanced tools such as SPSS, SAS, or BI front-ends, such as Business Objects and Cognos.

ADVIZOR 6.0 Goes Live

Business Intelligence overview:

Three key new technologies are changing the playing field in business intelligence:

Gartner, Aberdeen, Forrester, and others assert that new technologies will enable Business Intelligence to increase its penetration from ~20% of potential users today, to over 50% in the next 5 years - a 2.5x increase! This means that frontline staff will be able to use business intelligence to answer their own questions with little or no assistance from technical experts.

What are these technologies? How do they actually help business people make better and faster decisions? This webinar explores these technologies, and shows how they make it much easier for people to address their key questions from data they already have on hand. Includes case studies from several of ADVIZOR's clients.

Agile BI...What is it?

Benefits, keys to successful adoption, and new enabling technologies...

Watch recent webinars:

Predictive Modelling For Business People; Building a Culture of Analytics

Learn how high performance organizations are using data discovery and analytics in their day to day decision making

Integrating Predictive Modeling + Interactive Data Visualization

Educational Session on how these two technologies work together. Examples from target segment and social media influence on revenue...

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Visualization Tools
(whiteboard session with Wayne Eckerson)

Discussion and framework for how to categorize visualization solutions into display, reporting, exploration, and analysis...

Consuming Big Data

Discussion & use case examples with EMC Greenplum...

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