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Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics software solutions allow organizations to forecast and prepare for future business results. With predictive analytics, algorithms are used to find relationships in data and trends in underlying information. Business Analysts can then use these patterns to "score" and "predict" future results.

Predictive analytics enables organizations to better prepare for the future by empowering them with insight to operate more efficiently and to deliver more reliable and customized services. With predictive analytics, executives, researchers and other professionals can:

  • make smarter decisions
  • better allocate organizational resources

ADVIZOR Makes It Easy

The ADVIZOR Analyst/X is a predictive analytic solution based on a robust multivariate regression algorithm developed by a leading-edge advanced data mining firm. The Analyst/X models data easily and rapidly while maintaining relevant and readily interpretable results.

ADVIZOR’s analytic solutions free up business managers and IT staff, relieving the headaches that can come from using traditional business intelligence platforms. Predictive analytics software and services from ADVIZOR don't require enterprises to purchase platforms. And, since all the data is in-memory, the Business Analyst can quickly and easily condition data and flag fields across multiple tables without having to go back to IT or a DBA to prep database tables. The interface is entirely point-and-click, there are no scripts to write.

The biggest benefit from the simple to use solution is how quickly it delivers analysis, solving critical business questions and facilitating intelligence-driven decision making.

The solution is multi-dimensional and includes visualizations, providing instant answers to a company's "what if?" questions. Taking your company's information, the ADVIZOR patented in-memory-data model creates instant analyses that are interactive in ways not possible through traditional Excel pivot tables, charting software packages or other BI reporting tools. ADVIZOR's mathematical modeling complements the solution's visual data representations.

How it Works

First input your data - this can be in the form of Excel spreadsheets, Oracle tables or any variety of information from multiple sources - and then choose how you want the analyzed data to be presented.

  • ADVIZOR offers a choice of 15 different charts, including scatter plots, bar charts, pie charts, paraboxes, and datasheets.

The solution analyzes and presents your data in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand format, making it simple for enterprise professionals to use for making business decisions. ADVIZOR helps you understand relationships, make connections and get answers. It is easy to install and connects to most common data sources.

Predictive analytics is becoming a widely used solution for companies to optimize business practices, as well as increase growth and revenue. It is being used by companies in virtually every industry - from marketers to healthcare providers and even by scientific researchers. Find out how your company can benefit with the ADVIZOR Analyst/X predictive analytics solution.

Learn More...

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