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Visual Discovery

World Class Technology for Business Analysis

ADVIZOR's technology is based on 15 years of Bell Labs research and development on how human beings perceive and react to displayed information. ADVIZOR is best-of-breed in displaying and analyzing business information - especially multi-dimensional data. It is protected by over 20 patents.

In-Memory Data Management

With ADVIZOR data is loaded into a "Data Pool" in main memory on a desktop or laptop computer, or server. This enables us to provide sub-second response time on any query against any attribute in any table, and instantaneously update all visualizations. Multiple tables of data are easily imported from a variety of sources. The ability to bring all relevant data together in one place provides a comprehensive picture of operations that is of high value to our clients, maximizing their existing investment in core systems and the data they already create and store.

With ADVIZOR, there is no need to pre-configure data. ADVIZOR accesses data "as is" from various data sources, and links and joins the necessary tables within the software application itself. In addition, ADVIZOR includes an Expression Builder that can perform a variety of numeric, string, and logical calculations as well as parse dates and roll-up tables - all in-memory. In essence, ADVIZOR acts like a datawarehouse, without the complexity, time, or expense required to implement a datawarehouse! If a datawarehouse already exists, ADVIZOR will provide the front-end interface to leverage the investment and turn data into insight.

Data in the memory pool can be refreshed from the core databases / datasources "on demand", or at specific time intervals, or by an event trigger. In most production deployments data is refreshed daily from the source systems.

Data Visualization

ADVIZOR's Visual Discovery™ is a full visual query and analysis system that combines the excitement of presentation graphics - used to see patterns and trends and identify anomalies in order to understand "what" is happening - with the ability to probe, drill-down, filter, and manipulate the displayed data in order to answer the "why" questions.

Conventional approaches to making sense of data have involved manipulating text displays such as cross tabs, running complex statistical packages, and assembling the results into reports. Browsers and the web have popularized the idea that modern interfaces combine text and graphics. ADVIZOR's Visual Discovery™ takes this approach one step further by making the text and graphics interactive. Not only can the user gain insight from the visual representation of the data, but now additional insight can be obtained by interacting with the data in any of ADVIZOR's fifteen (15) interactive charts, using color, selection, filtering, focus, viewpoint (panning, zooming), labeling, highlighting, drill-down, re-ordering, and aggregation.

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Visual Discovery empowers the user to leverage his or her own knowledge and intuition to search for patterns, identify outliers, pose questions and find answers, all at the click of a mouse. Users are able to "see" their data and uncover the stories hidden in it like never before.

Predictive Analytics

Visualization empowers the analyst to discover patterns and anomalies in data by noticing unexpected relationships or by actively searching. Predictive analytics (sometimes called "data mining") provides a powerful adjunct to this: algorithms are used to find relationships in data, and these relationships can be used with new data to "score" or "predict" results.

The predictive analytics tools included in ADVIZOR Analyst/X are based on robust multivariate regression algorithms developed by a leading data analytics firm. ADVIZOR's Analyst/X is an advanced data discovery tool that models data easily and rapidly while maintaining relevant and readily interpretable results.

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