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MedAdvizor Delivers Clear Results and Rapid Payback for Healthcare Providers

With the advent of large-scale healthcare information systems and the pervasive growth of electronic medical records, healthcare organizations are now amassing unprecedented amounts of data about their patients and business processes. While this seems productive at first glance, without effective analytics the end result is environments that are data-rich, yet timely and specific-information poor.

Healthcare professionals are increasingly turning to new technologies, like MedAdvizor software, to gain vital insight to improve financial and clinical outcomes in several areas:

Patient Care

- understand diagnosis/treatment/physician outcomes

Financial Results

- understand direct and referral sources of revenue, direct and indirect costs

Marketing/Patient Acquisition

- determine which activities are most effective at attracting patients


- which groups/payers are most profitable, which result in high levels of claim rejections, etc

Drug Costs

- understand practice prescription habits

MedAdvizor Data Discovery

Custom use cases...

  1. Sudbury Regional Hospital Leverages Clinical Data to Reduce Patient Wait Times

  2. Hematology Oncology Associates Focuses on Financial Best Practices to Improve Performance

  3. Oncology Convergence Analyzes Reimbursement In Order to Enhance Revenue

For Assistance with Medical and Radiation Oncology Applications Click Here:

Learn more...

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  2. MSP Industry Alert - "Discover What You Don't Know From Your data: Empower the Whole Team to Work Smarter" (see page 10)
  3. Free Trial of Med Advizor

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