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Redefining the Art of Fundraising

ADVIZOR® helps non-profit fundraisers make better and faster decisions from their existing data - without relying on others to create custom reports or perform complicated queries or analysis.

Appropriate Metrics for Fundraising

(With Education Advisory Board. How to get them & how to use them)
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ROI Stories - Why Invest in Data Discovery and Analysis Solutions?

Our powerful data discovery and analysis software integrates the data from your source systems and immediately delivers it to the desktop in a visual, interactive format that enables your team to easily and intuitively explore it in ways never before possible. As team members are liberated and empowered to access and understand the information they need on their own, they are better able to make fact-based decisions quickly and efficiently, thereby unlocking the true power of your data to:

  • Increase giving by clearly identifying the best possible giving prospects
  • Cut costs by precisely aligning internal resources to goals and objectives
  • Improve campaign and staff performance by managing tightly to best practices

Predictive Modeling in Fundraising

(with Texas A&M and Northern Illinois)
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Leverage Your Advancement Data NOW with In-Memory Warehouses

By tapping into new technologies, ADVIZOR's award-winning visual discovery™ software empowers your entire fundraising team along with other stakeholders to collaborate in dynamic and creative new ways. Questions and queries previously constrained by system limitations or requiring weeks of manual preparation time now can be performed in real-time, enabling staff to work faster, smarter and more efficiently. Novel new paths to prospect identification and management can be forged, internal operating processes streamlined, and a clear and complete picture of every aspect of your operations presented through the use of ADVIZOR.

ADVIZOR's in-memory-data-management, interactive visualization, and predictive analytics package can be deployed via PC or the Web to browsers and iPads. Additionally, our seasoned professional services consultants bring years of fundraising expertise to bear in ensuring that the solution is quickly and accurately tailored to your unique fundraising requirements. And we do all of this without unduly taxing your already overworked IT, operations and management staff.

Advizor In-Memory Data Management, Interactive Visualization, and Predictive Analytics

To learn how ADVIZOR Solutions can help you get the complete picture into your fundraising operations, contact us at 630.971.5250 or via email at

"ADVIZOR has spurred new thinking in our fundraising efforts. It has helped us understand the stories previously hidden in our data. By showing data-supported facts to our staff, we have been able to improve performance despite the challenging economic times."

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