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Berklee College of Music
Berklee has deployed ADVIZOR to simplify information access and analysis across its fundraising operations. ADVIZOR has been particularly useful in bringing data centric discussions directly into Berklee’s board of directors meetings. Since the board can now “see stories” in the data, they can ask more informed questions. And since what they are seeing is fully interactive, answers are immediate. The result has been more informed, engaged and quicker turnaround decisions and buy in.

Columbia University Medical Center
CUMC integrates is advancement data with permitted patient data within ADVIZOR’s in-memory mart. This has facilitated an integrated view of these two data sets that has enabled the team to better identify and segment prospects based on combined factors. The result has been more rapidly generated and focused target lists for contact and follow-up, with the ability to focus the message of the appeal and find more grateful patient donors.

Dartmouth College
Dartmouth uses ADVIZOR as a strategic solution across its fundraising and alumni relations teams. It’s visualizations have allowed their teams to “see stories” in the data that were simply not visible with standard reporting and query tools. ADVIZOR’s data discovery and predictive modeling are used regularly for quick turnaround answers on what’s working, and to create segments and prioritized lists for follow-up and assignment. The results have been substantial: (1) ADVIZOR has helped annual giving improve the efficiency of its call center, (2) major giving has found new prospects and has been able to share best practices across its field officers to improve efficiency, (3) alumni relations has found volunteers for committees and more focused target lists for mailings, and (5) management gets the overview and understanding critical to managing a complex operation.

Emory University
Emory has ADVIZOR projects running and an additional four in development. Emory began with a prospect identification project, and has most recently deployed ADVIZOR campus wide with browser and iPad access to a number schools and of departments. It is now an integral part of their campaign reporting and analysis, and is the cornerstone for a huge change in fundraising operations. Emory’s ADVIZOR projects are in use by Deans, with special projects for management, alumni relations, and campaign tracking. They have also use ADVIZOR to analyze and then implement some unique metrics for Prospect Management. Their Strategy to "win with simplicity", has been instrumental in creating a culture of analytics in fundraising.

Georgia Tech
Georgia Tech has been working with ADVIZOR for several years, and has developed a variety of small focused projects for various end-user communities and purposes. They have used these projects to help the overall team gain awareness of the wealth of data that is available for the prospecting and decision-making processes. The projects have had strong uptake, and have helped the team more effectively use existing data to answer questions that range from "where are my alumni" to “who are my best engineering prospects in Georgia" to “how can should I develop rules for sub-setting aged proposals".

Northern Illinois University
NIU uses ADVIZOR as a strategic application in both annual and major giving. In annual giving ADVIZOR’s data discovery and predictive modeling have allowed the team to segment non-donors in order to find those most likely to give, and to identify the messages that best connect with them. The result has been much improved non-donor acquisition rates and higher overall yields and participation. In major giving ADVIZOR is used by the development team to assess performance and share best practices, thereby improving qualification, stage moves, and ask levels.

Opportunity International
Opportunity is one of the largest global micro-finance banks and a donor supported organization. Opportunity uses ADVIZOR for prospect development and also pipeline management. It’s predictive modeling has been particularly effective at quantifying the relationship between participation in regional events, the nature of those events, and increases in giving. In addition, it’s relationship mapping capability has been very helpful in determining how best to approach donor prospects. Lastly, ADVIZOR has been key to identifying best practices in pipeline management, and to uncover coaching and improvement opportunities.

Purdue uses ADVIZOR extensively for prospect identification. About a year ago, they added a project to help better target planned giving prospects and manage cash flow. The results have been a more collaborative approach that leverages data more fully, with quicker and more accurate decisions and assignments. Purdue is currently expanding its use of ADVIZOR intoannual giving and recently added predictive modeling to take their analysis even deeper.

University of Florida
UF (aka the Gators!) has been working with ADVIZOR for several years and has deployed across a wide cross section of their team. Key benefits have been (1) segmenting and managing Annual Fund appeals, with the result of more revenue at lower cost, (2) finding new major giving prospects by mining and scoring their data, and (3) enabling field officers and managers to access and slice and dice key data much quicker and more easily.

UNC Charlotte
UNCC has been able to lever its existing data with its major giving team in a manner that has enabled discussions and sharing of best practices. The result has been a more efficient major giving effort with larger asks and more money raised. And the team now collaborates more as they share and discuss best practices.

Wake Forest
Wake Forest has deployed half a dozen ADVIZOR projects across a wide cross section of its team, including Annual Giving, Major Giving, Field Officers, and Senior Management. The goal has been to enable the various teams to make fact based decisions on their own, without relying on advancement services to produce and prepare customer reports and queries. The results have been multi-faceted, and include a much more “data centric” culture with improved performance. And the bottom line has been more money raised more efficiently.


With ADVIZOR we were able to quickly zoom in from a university overview to specific fundraisers in a specific school that needed help. Not only was this quick and easy, but the visual charts were compelling to management.

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