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Volunteer Assignment

The Challenge

Solicitor-Solicitee Assignments
Many advancement officers depend heavily on the hard work of their volunteers in soliciting donations. A key to that success is carefully aligning the backgrounds, interests, and other characteristics of solicitor-volunteers with those of their targeted prospects.

In order to do that, advancement offices historically have been tied to requesting custom reports from overburdened IT staff or doing it themselves manually through Excel. This "cycle of pain" consumes untold hours, increases costs, and leads to across-the-board frustrations.

The Solution

ADVIZOR enables advancement officers to conduct real-time analysis of alumni volunteers and match that data against prospect populations, thereby enabling volunteers to self-select their solicitation lists based on common or mutually defined interests. This maximizes results by establishing volunteer-prospect affinities and reduces burnout and the "nag" factor.

The Result

Using ADVIZOR, staff:

  • Reduced the time needed to create volunteer-prospect affinity lists from 10-20 hours per volunteer to 30 minutes per volunteer
  • Optimized their use of the volunteers
  • Increased volunteer satisfaction
  • Improved the likelihood of increased giving

"In the past I would have done this with Excel. It probably would have taken me 10 to 20 hours per committee member... With ADVIZOR I can do one person in about 30 minutes. So, I can very quickly work through the whole committee in a very timely, efficient fashion and push out prospects to each committee member that it will be really worth their time to solicit."

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