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Location of top prospects

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Distribution by class year

Prospect Identification

The Challenge

Of all the challenges facing an advancement executive, perhaps none is as important as finding the right prospects for the right asks at the right times. All too often major giving efforts focus on the existing top donors to finish off a campaign or make a key donation to a new cause. Yet, there are many other prospects who, if approached in the right manner, would step up and give.

Unfortunately, most of the analytical systems currently in place at advancement offices severely limit the staff's ability to:

  • Brainstorm out-of-the box approaches to new prospect identification for specific campaign asks, events, and activities
  • Quickly identify new targets and expand their prospect lists
  • Reach their goals due to time-consuming, manually-intensive processes

The Solution

Finding the 'right' person
Finding the "right" person. (6 min video)

Million dollar donor profile
Million dollar donor profile (4 min video)
ADVIZOR makes it easy for Prospect Research to work with leadership and principal giving teams to develop the most appropriate target lists and ask strategies. Teams can:
  1. Explore their data in real-time and create targeted prospect lists in minutes
  2. See the "stories" hidden in the data - for example, understand the characteristics of constituents who have made large donations to financial aid, and then identify others with similar characteristics
  3. Effectively collaborate to identify new donors in brainstorming sessions where suggestions can be checked against the data at their fingertips
  4. Use predictive analytics to rank or "score" prospects' likelihood of giving to a specific campaign or ask based on their fit with the current group or sub-group of donors

The Result

ADVIZOR's clients have:

  • Identified new leadership giving donors
  • More effectively targeted their asks
  • Better aligned development staff with constituents
  • Developed significantly more interaction and collaboration between research and the field


The Need

Your team is kicking off a campaign to raise money for a new soccer stadium and the opening event is next month in Chicago. Your team needs to know which individuals are most likely to support a new soccer stadium and, from that list, who to invite to the kick-off fundraising event.

The Prospect Pool

It has been determined that each prospect must:

  • Live within 25 miles of the Chicago metropolitan area
  • Have minimum major gift capacity of $250,000
  • Have minimum known assets of $1,000,000
  • Minimum cumulative past giving of $100,000
  • Have made a single annual gift of at least $10,000
  • Is a current member of the Soccer Booster Club.

Ideally prospects are also alums who have participated in soccer, participated in another sport, are active members of the new alumni online community, and/or have given to another institutions athletic program.

The Challenge

Now think about where that data is housed. For this example we will assume the following:

  • Legacy system maintains demographic data, institutional giving data, and activities
  • Alumni clubs maintain a database of member activity
  • Wealth screening results are maintained in a separate database managed by research
  • Online alumni community activity is maintained by the Alumni Association

To get to your answer you will need to create a query for each system, run the query, export the data, compare the results from each system, and finally prepare a list. This process might take anywhere from a few days to several weeks if there is a back-log in your IT department. In some cases it may not even be doable.

The Solution

With Advizor Visual Discovery you will have already created a virtual data warehouse of all four databases in-memory, with the data linked by a common ID. In a matter of minutes you will be able to not only answer the question of who to invite, but you will likely also see additional criteria which you can use to fine tune your list.

With the results in hand you simply click to publish them to the event planners and gift officers assigned to this event. This is not a fantasy; it is a reality than can be enjoyed by fundraisers today.

"In our very first month using ADVIZOR's predictive analytics we found a new million-dollar donor."

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