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Member/Alumni Relations

The Challenge

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Member / Alumni Relations is all about providing benefits, services, and events that build loyalty and connection for the long term. Maintaining and building upon existing relationships is always easier and more cost effective than creating new ones. This is why member / alumni relations is such an integral part of any advancement community.

Effectiveness in managing these key relationships requires segmenting constituents into groups for targeting specific messages and programs. Clearly nobody wants to send everything to everybody the key is creating the right subset lists of constituents that match their interests with the message and content of mailings, events, and promotions. Specific challenges include:

  • Abundance of custom list and custom report requests
  • Delay in turnaround from IT / advancement services often the list comes after the mailing needed to go out!
  • List surprises the team thought their request was going to result in 20,000 names, but it came back with 5,000 names. So, back into the backlog for another stab at getting the proper list.

The Solution

Location of target population
Location of target population
ADVIZOR makes it easy to see all the data, and slice and dice it across all the various dimensions to quickly and easily get answers to these and other questions without going back to IT or Advancement Services for custom reports. And, since you get the results immediately, event, trip, and club managers and planners can quickly change their selection parameters on their own if they are not getting the numbers they are looking for.

The Result

In Members / Alumni Relations ADVIZOR clients are:

  • Generating lists on their own in real time
  • Collaborating in the development of lists
  • Changing their questions and parameters as they see the data.
  • Dramatically reducing custom report loads on IT and/or Advancement Services by as much as 2/3

"Every member of our Alumni Relations team involved in event, trip, and club management uses ADVIZOR on a regular basis. They are getting answers and lists in minutes that used to take weeks, and our custom report load on Advancement Services is down by over 2/3."

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